Highways England Consultation

Worthing and Lancing

Highways England organised a public consultation about the A27 Worthing and Lancing improvements scheme which started on Wednesday 19 July and ended on Tuesday 12 September 2017.

Details are available on https://highwaysengland.citizenspace.com/he/a27-worthing-and-lancing-improvement/


Information about the proposed option is available on Highways England's website https://highwaysengland.citizenspace.com/he/a27-worthing-and-lancing-improvement/

Both Worthing's Members of Parliament have dismissed the proposed option.





A new consultation for the A27 at Arundel takes place between Friday 30 August and 11.59pm on Thursday 24 October 2019.  Details are available at the following link: https://highwaysengland.co.uk/projects/a27-arundel-improvement/ 

Highways England announced a decision on the preferred route for the A27 Arundel Bypass on 11 May 2018. The brochure and other documents can be found on their website www.highwaysengland.co.uk/a27arundel ).

Highways England's public consultation about the A27 Arundel improvements scheme ended on Monday 16 October 2017. Details are available on https://highwaysengland.citizenspace.com/he/a27-arundel-bypass/