Adur District and Worthing Borough Council Candidates Views on the A27 - 2018

We wrote to all Adur District Council and Worthing Borough Council candidates standing for election in wards around the Worthing and Lancing area which include or are very close to the A27.  The letter was sent to candidates in the following wards:

Adur District Council

- Cokeham

- Manor

- Peveral

Worthing  Borough Council

- Broadwater

- Durrington

- Northbrook

- Offington

- Salvington

Dear Candidate,


Your views about changes to the A27


You may be aware that I chair a residents’ action group campaigning for a proper relief road around Worthing.  We are a non-political organisation - our focus is on one issue.  We would be interested to know what all Worthing Borough and Adur District Council candidates’ views are on the A27 and how closely they align with the group’s views.


We plan to publish all of the candidates’ responses (in wards which are close to the A27) to this message on our website which you may wish to view at


To be fair to all candidates, all prospective candidates are being contacted in the same way and at the same time.  Responses will be added to the website in the order in which they are received.  This is a very unsubtle way of suggesting that the quicker you reply, the quicker your response will appear on the website.  A holding message by each candidate from whom we have not yet received a response will also appear, for example

Ward Name A

Candidate Name and Party 1 - Response listed below

Candidate Name and Party 2 – Awaiting response etc


The Bypass Not A27 Throughpass Residents’ Action Group’s Aims are to:

A.  Stop the dualling of the present A27 route through the middle of Worthing.

B.  Promote a full relief road for Worthing, Sompting and Lancing from Patching area along Long Furlong to Findon, north to Washington to join a widened road past Steyning to join up with the Shoreham flyover.

C.  We support the extension of the road from Fontwell along the A29 to bypass Houghton and Storrington, to join the Washington roundabout and continue to Shoreham as above


Question to Answer – What are your views?

I look forward to your reply.


Yours sincerely

Jack Delbridge


ByPass not A27 Throughpass residents’ action group


Candidates replies are listed below in the order in which they appear on the Adur and Worthing Councils' Website

Adur District Council



BAMBER David John, UK Independence Party (UKIP)

The UK Independence Party candidates favour the 'bypass' around Worthing proposed by this campaign. This solution would provide a proper resolution to the congestion problem.
Candidates recognize that, since the UK Government is BANKRUPT, the chances of this solution being adopted are not great - although we will campaign for it.
Money for the bypass (and other important infrastructure projects) may only be available when we once again have a thriving economy and we are no longer BANKRUPT. Only a complete, no-cost divorce from the EU will set us on the road to recovery.

DAVIS Christopher George, Green Party

Awaiting response

MALE Steve, Liberal Democrat

Awaiting response

MANSFIELD Paul Simon, The Conservative Party Candidate

Awaiting response

THORNTON Michael John, Labour Party

Awaiting response


ALBURY Carol Ann, The Conservative Party Candidate

Thank you for your letter, for the candidates at the May 3rd District Election to be able to give their views on what is a hugely important and vital issue for the whole of our district and beyond....

As the Conservative candidate for the Manor and Coombes ward, I am fully supportive of this scheme, I believe this is the only scheme that can fully deal with the issues that we have now and into the future as our roads only become busier. This would give us a long term solution , would solve issues of traffic able to move quickly  and without continual holdups , would allow for far greater air quality in our built up areas , and bring our local roads back to being just that "local roads " instead of dealing with the large amount of vehicles( lorries , large foreign lorries , heavy trucks , transporters , coaches , caravans , cars etc ) that currently all have to use a road that was certainly not designed to Have the capacity for all these vehicles.

I think the amount of publicity as you drive along the A27 in the Worthing area is to be  commended , and I look forward to becoming far more involved.

BARNES Peter, Liberal Democrat

Awaiting response

BRADLEY Douglas Charles, Labour Party

Awaiting response

PARSONS Lionel Winston, UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Awaiting response

RUMBLE Margaret, Green Party

Thank you for your letter to candidates re. changes to the A27. 

My view is that it is worth investigating further the proposed widening of the road from Patching to the Shoreham interchange via the existing Washington & Steyning bypasses. Although statistics show that improved roads generate more traffic, there is the problem of pollution and congestion caused by routing long journey traffic through the residential areas of Worthing and Lancing.  

Initiatives to increase the use of alternative environmentally friendly modes of transport (eg better more reliable public transport, more cycle lanes etc.) should go alongside any scheme for road improvement. 


BOGGIS Brian William, The Conservative Party Candidate

Thanks for your recent letter to Candidates in the upcoming Council Elections. I have represented Peverel Ward in Sompting since 2004 and have lived adjacent to the A27 for some 36 years, so you will understand that I am "fairly" familiar with the ongoing saga that it's neglect has caused for some decades.

Whilst I share your underlying view that a Bypass is the only long term solution, I am yet to be convinced that the route that you propose is the most beneficial answer. You will no doubt recall that nearly £20m was spent during the mid 90's, surveying various optional routes, including this one and were rejected for a number of valid reasons. If we are not able to resurrect the then agreed route, I believe we need to be more imaginative and take note of some of the magnificent road improvement works taking place on the Continent, using tunnels and discreet landscaping to shorten your proposed route from the Adur Flyover to the Clapham Interchange. Even if the significant sums of became available, such a plan would take time, particularly with the inevitable delays which would be caused by appeals from the SDNP!

Adur District Council, as you know is obligated to provide a significant number of new homes along this artery, together with local employment opportunities and clearly, in the interim period, traffic will increase. It is important then that we seize every opportunity to alleviate, at least to some extent, the current position. Our MP's and both Adur and Worthing Councils have rejected the initial plans to "improve" the junctions at Lancing, Hill Barn, Lyons Farm, Grove Lodge and Offington and are currently awaiting the revised proposals from Highways England, which we hope will go some way to achieving this end, until such time as a more comprehensive solution is achieved.

KNIGHT Sylvia Margaret, Labour and Co-operative Party

Awaiting response

LEWIS David Roy, UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Awaiting response

MALE Janie, Liberal Democrat

Awaiting response

Worthing  Borough Council



APSEY John Christopher, Liberal Democrats

This is my personal view and is not official Liberal Democrat policy.

The A27 around Worthing and Lancing has been a problem for over 70 years with various proposals being made but none implemented.

I am well aware of the problems as most days I take two grandsons along the A27 to and from Bohunt School.

Highways England proposal to remove roundabouts and replace them with traffic lights and widen the road at various points strikes me as being a complete waste of £70 million for little or no benefit let alone the upheaval this will cause during construction so I am against this proposal.

However, the northern route also has many problems.

The Long Furlong is a most picturesque but dangerous road even when the proposed improvements to the most dangerous corners are completed in the coming weeks. The Washington roundabout already has queuing traffic of over a mile at peak times in the morning and afternoon rush hours. The route is also several miles longer. Research carried out by Highways England reports that over 60% of the traffic is local and this is to some extent borne out by the reduction in congestion during the school holidays and so it is dubious whether much traffic would take this longer route.

A third possibility is to tunnel part of the route. This would have the advantage of bringing the road closer to the built-up area causing less damage to the National Park. It is likely to be used more, reducing the congestion on the existing road. However, this would be very expensive. If the government's view is to provide dual carriageways from Folkestone to Honiton then I think this possibility should at least be costed. The road could leave the existing A27 just before Cote Street, pass under West Hill, cross the A24 at the Findon/Worthing boundary with a suitable interchange. It could then pass under the ridge to the South of Cissbury Ring and under Lancing Ring to join the existing A27 again just North of the airport. There could also be a spur road just to the East of Downlands corner. I think this would have the least damaging effect on the South Downs National Park. Initially there was considerable opposition to the Brighton bypass but I think that most people agree that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

BATTSON Richard Denham, Green Party

Awaiting response

HOWARD Margaret Ann, Labour Party

The A27 is an increasingly used road and the traffic congestion and air pollution resulting from that will continue to have a negative impact on drivers and the local community. The building of a superstore and more houses along the route will only make matters worse. Whichever solution is found, it will have to consider both the positive and negative implications, with the aim of finding a compromise that satisfies the most people and interferes with the lives of the least. 

I fully support the view that the A27 should not be widened as the local impact would be too onerous and importantly it will only serve to temporarily fix the problem. Furthermore the environmental affects would continue to increase. 

If costing were not an issue, then excavating a tunnel under the A27 would cause the least disruption if it started and finished in areas without housing, such as East of Worthing along the Sompting bypass and West of Durrington just prior to Forest Lane. 

Failing that my personal opinion is that a bypass would be preferable to widening the road to the detriment of all the local residents and users of the road.

MCKEOWN Steve Paul, The Conservative Party Candidate

Can I start by saying that I was extremely disappointed by the various options that were highlighted by Highways England and you can be assured that if I don't feel the correct solution for the people of Worthing is proposed then I will vehemently oppose it and make sure the interests Broadwater are represented.  The main issue with the A27 is, as we all know, is that the better solutions, the tunnel and the bypass have issues that need to be overcome.  The tunnel will take many years if not a decade to finish and will cost upwards of £1.2bn+ and the bypass will have to run through our natural asset of the South Downs which has protected national park status.

I wanted the residents to know that I understand the area well.  I knew that if the proposed idea to shut off Sompting Road to east bound traffic was agreed it profoundly affect my residents Cissbury Rd, Charmandean Rd, Leigh Rd, Forest Rd, Shandon Rd, Downlands Av, Hadley Av, Gainsborough Av, Leighton Av, Northbrook Rd and surrounding roads would also be affected.  HGVs would seek alternative routes to the various industrial estates through these areas.  So as well as the main schemes I also wanted to say that I will be paying particular attention to the details and considering how these could positively and negatively affect the residents of Broadwater.

I think a bypass or better still, a tunnel are the best options but this will only be beneficial if it is part of a joined up strategy for the whole A27.


GUEST Jill, Labour Party

Awaiting response

JAMES Charles, The Conservative Party Candidate

As a member of the BYPASS NOT A27 THROUGH PASS ACTION GROUP – I support the aims of the Group in campaigning to obtain a proper relief road for Worthing, which is long overdue.

This will enable traffic to flow freely, improve the air quality for the local residents, and help to boost the local economy.

NORTON Emma Kate, Liberal Democrats

Awaiting response


FIELD Stuart Roy, UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Awaiting response

MARTIN John Charles Francis, Labour Party

Awaiting response

MCDONALD Sean Anthony, The Conservative Party Candidate

Awaiting response

SUNDERLAND Keith Derick Riley, Liberal Democrats

Awaiting response


BROWN Antony, Liberal Democrats

Awaiting response

EUSTICE Paul, Labour Party

I think one thing we will all agree on is that you can’t solve a thousand pound problem with a hundred pound budget. None of the options within the range of funding made available by central government to solve local problems is remotely suitable. On the face of it, a by pass might seem the only logical solution. Certainly, it would be ludicrous to put more polluting traffic through anywhere residential. (your point A). However, in my opinion, none of the options, even if you could afford them, would be a real answer in the long term.

It is officially acknowledged that “the A27 is one of the most unreliable trunk roads in England.” But it is also obvious from experience that making better roads does not improve traffic problems - often it just attracts more traffic so in the end makes everything worse. No matter how much space you give up to traffic, it comes back for more. Improvements in one area rush an increased flow on to a bottleneck in another area.

We can divide the problems into three kinds of traffic, commuters, tourists and goods.

Increased commuter traffic is not sustainable in the long run. I used to commute to Brighton in the eighties by car and was subject to the usual frustrations until the by-pass and tunnel opened. Then traffic on that road increased any accident or breakdown soon caused longer delays than ever before.  I swapped to the train but they were unreliable and expensive, so eventually I took to two wheels, then thankfully retired. I suspect a lot of commuters would gratefully take trains if they were publicly owned and upgraded, which would remove one element. Of course, at the other end you need an integrated bus service, but macro planning of that sort has to be an essential part of any transport system. I have travelled around may European towns more easily and cheaply than around Worthing and Brighton.

Tourist traffic is welcomed, but often chokes a town and spoils the attraction they came to see.  A bypass would take them away. Many smaller areas in the West Country and Scotland have been bypassed to the point that they are quiet as in dead.  Swings and roundabouts, as it were. A Park and Ride scheme is often the answer. See above for integrated planning.

Goods traffic is more of an issue.  I really don’t know what the answer is to that one. But the cheaper and easier we make it to move goods by road the more it will happen. That may seem good for business but it is not good for residents in the long run. Bypass or nu bypass, they have to leave and arrive somewhere local. Rail options would be better if we ha preserved the full network, and perhaps some of them need to be revitalised.

So, the short answer is, I agree we do not want A. In the short term might see the logic of B (relief road)  but am less keen on the more radical C (extension) if , instead, we can remove the problem instead of just accepting continued pressure from road users. That does not mean I do not want to see action taken to solve the problem. It does mean I want longer term solutions implemented more quickly. But it won’t happen on a penny pinching, short sighted budget.

MURPHY Louise, The Conservative Party Candidate

Thank you for your recent letter to all the candidates in the upcoming local election on May 3rd. 

As an Offington resident I know all too well the problems caused by the constant congestion and heavy traffic along the Worthing stretch of the A27 - especially the section served by the Grove Lodge roundabout!

By their (Highways England) own admission, the plans submitted in the summer of 2017 (at a cost of ~£67M) would have no meaningful improvement on traffic flow, congestion, journey times or air quality. 

Highways England need to drop the proposal published last year and seriously re-consider how best to improve the A27 for motorists and local residents alike in the long term. 

As I’ve said many times before, Worthing deserves much better than this!!!

In a letter to Offington residents, I recently wrote that the issue of the A27 has gone on for far too long. The A27 needs to be sorted out and so far, Highways England have failed to adequately explain why a proper bypass - an aspiration supported by myself and the overwhelming majority of Offington residents - can’t be an option. 

Just a few points to note: 

  1. In 2015, the A27 was back on the Governments list of national road infrastructure projects. 

  2. £350M was allocated to improve the A27 corridor. 

  3. Worthing has ~100,000 residents and was allocated £100M from the budget, Arundel has ~5000 residents and was allocated £250M of the budget.

  4. Following the publication of the proposed plans for the Worthing stretch of the A27 last summer, Tim Loughton MP and Sir Peter Bottomly MP met with the Secretary of State for Transport to express their genuine concerns over the 1 option published for the Worthing stretch. Consequently, Highways England have been asked to “look again” at how to better improve traffic flow, congestion and air quality along the Worthing stretch. These revised plans have yet to be revealed. 

  5. We are still waiting on the results of the consultation for the original proposal published last summer (originally due in Jan ’18) 

STRANGE John Frederick Wenban, UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Awaiting response


CRANEFIELD Jacqueline Barbara, Liberal Democrats

I absolutely agree that dualling of the A27 across the north of Worthing is not appropriate. Improvement of junctions, as per the studies would help traffic flow but not resolve the problem entirely. I would certainly welcome other proposals.      

A full bypass, as your group suggests, would inevitably lead to some infilling which may, or may not be welcomed Worthing residents.

MERCER, Heather Mary Linda, The Conservative Party Candidate

As a member of the 'Bypass not A27 Throughpass residents action group', I strongly encourage everyone to join and support the campaign to get a proper bypass for our town, which is long overdue. It is essential that the congestion and pollution caused by slow moving and stationary traffic is addressed by a proper bypass, and the cost to the community of delayed business journeys is reduced.

Recent roadworks in the area demonstrate that doing ongoing roadworks along the existing A27 route (as proposed by Highways England) would not only cause gridlock on an already overcrowded road, but would make Worthing a 'virtual no go zone'. No-one would be going anywhere, with nose to tail traffic congestion for the 3 years or more of proposed construction.

Taking away a significant amount of traffic, via a bypass, would alleviate the horrendous congestion and pollution at Grove Lodge Roundabout and significantly improve the safety, health and well being of Worthing College students.

I totally support the continuing campaign to push for a northern bypass for the town.

I believe that Worthing Deserves Better.

SILMAN Helen Jane, Labour Party

I am standing as the candidate for the Labour Party in Salvington ward in the Worthing Borough Council elections on May 3rd 2018.

I have been involved with the BYPASS not A27 THROUGHPASS group since its formation 3 years ago. I support all its aims and have spoken at several very well attended public meetings to promote them.  

On behalf of some 8000 Salvington residents living north and south of the A27 I will resist any scheme to enlarge the capacity of the A27, whether by dualling and flyovers or other means. More traffic brings more noise and air pollution. More Polllution leads to worsening health conditions for people near the A27. In turn this increases pressure on the NHS services in our town.

 Labour schemes to reduce private vehicle use and to improve public transport would also help to reduce Polllution.

I am in favour of a full relief road to the north of Worthing using improved existing roads.