General Election Candidates Views on the A27

We wrote to all candidates standing for election to be the Member of Parliament for the following constituencies:

- East Worthing and Shoreham

- Worthing West

Dear Candidate,


Your views about changes to the A27


You may be aware that I chair a residents’ action group campaigning for a proper relief road around Worthing.  We are a non-political organisation - our focus is on one issue.  We would be interested to know what all candidates to become a Member of Parliament’s views are on the A27 and how closely they align with the group’s views.


We plan to publish all of candidates’ responses to this message on our website which you may wish to view at


To be fair to all candidates, all candidates are being contacted at the same time and responses will be added to the website in the order in which they are received.  This is a very unsubtle way of suggesting that the quicker you reply, the quicker your response will appear on the website.  A holding message by each candidate from whom we have not yet received a response will also appear.


The Bypass Not A27 Throughpass Residents’ Action Group’s objectives are:


  • To stop the dualling of the present A27 route through the middle of Worthing.

  • To achieve a Bypass for Worthing, Sompting and Lancing.


Question to Answer – What are your views?


I look forward to your reply.


Yours sincerely


Jack Delbridge


ByPass not A27 Throughpass residents’ action group


Candidates replies are listed below in the order in which they appear on the Council website:


East Worthing and Shoreham

Sophie Rose COOK, Independent

Awaiting response

Leslie Christine GROVES WILLIAMS, Green Party

I do not support the expansion of the A27 through Worthing. This short term solution would split the town into two, constrain access to homes and have a negative impact on non- polluting and healthy forms of transport such as walking and cycling.

The Green Party proposes long term sustainable approaches to traffic management- traffic control measures to reduce “rat running”, cycle paths and safe pavements to encourage the use of cycles and walking, particularly during rush hour and school pick up and drop off times and improved, accessible forms of public transport.

Many thanks for keeping this issue live.

Timothy Paul LOUGHTON, Conservative Party Candidate

Awaiting response

Lavinia O'CONNOR, Labour Party

Awaiting response

Ashley Charlie Joe Scott RIDLEY, Liberal Democrats - To stop BREXIT

Awaiting response

Worthing West

David Aherne - Independent

Awaiting response

Jamie BENNETT, Liberal Democrats - To stop BREXIT

Awaiting response

Peter James BOTTOMLEY, Conservative Party Candidate

Awaiting response

Beccy COOPER, Labour Party

Awaiting response

Jo PAUL, Green Party

Awaiting response