Tremendous Turnout for Local Meeting

Over 750 Worthing Residents attended the newly formed “Bypass Not Throughpass” residents’ action group’s meetings at Worthing College held on Thursday 21 July 2016. 


With the main meeting room full to capacity, the group had to put their contingency plan into operation.  Group Secretary Nigel Kerridge addressed the 250 strong group of residents on the grass outside while, in a meeting room inside, about 500 residents heard about plans for the A27 from Chair Jack Delbridge and Helen Silman along with a presentation from Chris Todd from the Campaign for Better Transport.

Residents heard that current plans to dual the A27 could mean over 300 homes being bulldozed despite a shortage of housing in the area.  Residents may struggle to access the A27 if local roads are blocked up and it might not even solve the traffic problems if the main junctions are not sorted out properly. 

Planning is already underway to dual the road and so far there have been no public consultations.  Options are already being ruled out.  It is highly likely that only options around dualling the existing road will be “consulted” about.  A local residents’ action group believes Worthing deserves better. 


Hear the speeches at the meeting with lots of useful information.  


The video on the left starts with the picture vertical but after a few minutes it is the right way up. So, stick with it, and your patience will be rewarded! 



We are a group of local residents formed:

  • To achieve a bypass for Worthing:

  • To engage in all significant proposals to change the A27 between Shoreham Flyover and the Clapham/Patching junction; to ensure practicable proposals are acceptable to the affected residents and independently verifiable as likely to improve traffic flows;


  • To propose improvements to relevant authorities for consideration.

  • We are non-political. We believe Worthing deserves better for every resident and business.